An Exploration of Minaki’s Effortless Jewelry and Apparel Heritage

An Exploration of Minaki’s Effortless Jewelry and Apparel Heritage

“Jewelry holds the power to change the look and feel of an outfit, stir feelings, and encapsulate the spirit of the occasion. It's all about balancing comfort and elegance, casual and chic.

Our Inspiration 

Our founder, Ms. Monika Soni has always had a passion for fashion. Her friends and coworkers admired her effortless elegance. She believes jewelry has the power to elevate one's appearance. But most women including her were afraid of theft and chain snatching, and also tired of the continuous trips to the bank lockers to use them. Corporate women like her needed something easy to manage and comfortable. She turned to imitation jewelry but struggled to find quality pieces. Pearls became her savior but wearing the same designs every day started to become mundane beyond an extent.

It was then she ventured into creating jewelry for herself, adding a twist to the classic and fashionable aesthetic of pearls. Her acquaintances and colleagues applauded her style and specifically her jewelry. She was considered one of the best-dressed women in her industry. The positive reception of her designs amongst her colleagues inspired her to start Minaki, intending to create jewelry that was easy to manage for women like her.

Minaki’s journey began in 2018 by offering a jewelry experience that breaks the corporate monochromes and moves away from the blandness of single-strand pearl necklaces. Elegant and understated personifies Minaki. Our brand resonates with the idea of different jewelry for different occasions. Our designs speak for independent women who love to experiment with their style and believe in power dressing.

Behind the Scenes

With the expertise of 20+ years in the financial and investment sector, Ms. Monika Soni considered jewelry to be an investment, but not a financial one. Jewelry has a sentimental value attached to it which becomes more meaningful over time. Today, women need a sophisticated yet chic variety of jewelry that is effortless and comfortable to wear. That is exactly what our collection ‘Modern Eleganza’ caters to -  everyday jewelry for working women, constantly pressed for time. It was loved for its freshness and superior quality.

But she also observed women’s desire to flaunt different jewelry on different occasions on innumerous corporate occasions. This led her to delve into traditional Indian jewelry needed for festive wear and weddings. The brand's traditional range received raging positive feedback, and this inspired the brand’s foray into the bridal and wedding jewelry collection.

After receiving great love for our jewelry collections and building trust with jewelry aficionados, Minaki expanded into ceremonial wear for men and women. The Co-founder of Minaki, Mr. Sumeet Soni, who played a pivotal role in launching products for brands like Raymonds and Arvind, spearheaded this expansion. After working with the big names in the clothing industry, he observed a gap in the market. On one hand, there were extravagant labels that dominated the industry, while on the other hand, there were mundane and custom styles produced by the ubiquitous designer brands.

With a vision to make luxury more accessible, Minaki set out to create a line of clothing that was both affordable and opulent. Thus, the brand unveiled its exclusive range of festive wear for men and women, which served as a bridge to luxury for those who yearned for the refinement of upscale designs. Minaki provided its consumers the taste of refinement that was previously out of their reach.

Our journey so far

Minaki, a young homegrown brand, started on the roads by collaborating with a retail jewelry store. The brand started gaining a reputation for its irreplaceable quality and standout designs across jewelry and apparel and earned unwavering admiration within the upper echelons of society. 

The brand’s understated designs differentiate it from the local labels and designers. Its pioneering craftsmanship bagged us collaborations with brands that are cherished globally. We are currently present in Pernia’s Pop up store, 8 retail stores of Aza Fashions, and 15+ retail stores of Taj. Since then Minaki forged ahead with an unending determination to deliver understated elegance to its consumers and never glanced back.

Our Designs

Minaki centers its ethos on styling that communicates the unique perspectives and identities of the wearer. For people who want to be in the limelight without making it obvious. We offer a range of traditional and contemporary aesthetics that transcend generations. Our jewelry can communicate a range of messages from cultural significance to individual style and personality. Minaki’s designs across jewelry and apparel offer exquisite yet effortless pieces that are a bridge to luxury.

“Think of your clothes as a canvas, and your jewelry choices as the colors that add detail and tell the story.”

Our jewelry portfolio ranges from extravagant to statement pieces covering shahana kundan and polki jewelry, made with superior craftsmanship assuring unmatched quality without altering the story each piece offers. Our temple jewelry is all about going back to the roots and celebrating timeless Indian art.

Our apparel collection serves the purpose to blend modern trends and art with traditional Indian cultures and beliefs. Along with our skilled artisans, we designed an exquisite range of festive and traditional wear suiting the Indian tropical climate. 

Our Beliefs

We will continue to celebrate our consumers who have arrived in life yet are ambitious, confident, and connoisseurs of quality. We have always believed in ethical and sustainable practices to create our products, taking the utmost care of our artisans. Our products have made our patrons feel confident inside out, and will hopefully continue to do so.

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