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Minaki Blossom Pearl Earrings

Blossom Pearl Earrings

₹ 5,075.00 INR
 Features: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Pearl Finish: Rhodium Polished , platinum finish Finding: Push 
Sapphire Leaf Earrings

Sapphire Leaf Earrings

₹ 4,400.00 INR
Introducing "Sapphire Leaf Earrings" — a captivating fusion of nature-inspired elegance and timeless sophistication. These exquisite earrings feature delicate leaf-shaped designs crafted from lustrous sapphire gemstones, evoking the serene beauty...
Minaki Maze Hoop Earrings

Maze Hoop Earrings

₹ 2,300.00 INR
Features: Style: Everyday Elegance Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish: 18k Gold Plated Finding: Clasp
Minaki Multi-Color Eleganza Earrings

Multi-Color Eleganza Earrings

₹ 7,799.00 INR
FEATURES: Style: Danglers Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earring Drop(s): Colored Zircon Finish: 18k gold plated  Finding: Push Back
Stellar Circlet Earrings

Stellar Circlet Earrings

₹ 1,800.00 INR
The Stellar Circlet earrings are a dazzling testament to timeless elegance and celestial beauty. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each earring features a circular design adorned with a breathtaking...
Chandra Kala earrings

Chandra Kala earrings

₹ 2,900.00 INR
The Chandra Kala Earrings are 22k gold-plated earrings in kundan setting embellished with zircon . The combination of the teardrop and triangular shapes, adorned with sparkling stones ,creates a sophisticated...
Gilded Serenity Earrings

Gilded Serenity Earrings

₹ 3,000.00 INR
Introducing the "Gilded Serenity Earrings" — an embodiment of elegance and tranquility, adorned with a multitude of dazzling diamonds reminiscent of glistening crystals. These exquisite earrings feature a delicate cascade...
Floret Ear Studs

Floret Ear Studs

₹ 3,000.00 INR
The "Floret Ear Studs" are delicate and charming earrings designed to capture the essence of a blossoming flower. Each stud features a petite floral motif, meticulously crafted with intricate detailing...
Kundan Dangler Earrings

Kundan Dangler Earrings

₹ 1,500.00 INR
Style: Dangler Earrings Stone Settings: Kundan  Items: Earrings Drops: Pearls Finish: 22k gold plated Findings: Push back
Minaki Avery Gold Hoops

Avery Gold Hoops

₹ 1,850.00 INR
Style: Hoops Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): - Finish: 18K Gold plated Finding: Clasp
Minaki Floral Earrings

Floral Earrings

₹ 4,499.00 INR
Features: Style: Danglers Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish: White Gold Polished  Finding: Push back
Minaki Pearl Drop Floral Earrings

Pearl Drop Floral Earrings

₹ 5,450.00 INR
FEATURES: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Pearl Finish: White Gold Plated Finding: Push up
Chitrali Earrings

Chitrali Earrings

₹ 1,200.00 INR
 Chitrali earrings are named after the Chitral region, known for its vibrant Meenakari artwork. These earrings would likely showcase intricate hand-painted enamel work in a multitude of colors, often depicting...
Pearl Adorned Hoops

Pearl Adorned Hoops

₹ 1,600.00 INR
The "Pearl Adorned Hoops" are a striking blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication, featuring hoop earrings embellished with delicate pearl motifs. Each hoop showcases a series of luminous pearls...
Rajwada Earrings

Rajwada Earrings

₹ 7,500.00 INR
The Rajwada earrings are 22k plated earrings in kundan setting embellished with pink and ruby color beads. Their intricate design and delicate embellishments make them a true statement piece ,...
Gardenia Blush Earrings

Gardenia Blush Earrings

₹ 5,180.00 INR
FEATURES: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish:18K Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Minaki Camber Earrings

Camber Pearl Earrings

₹ 2,350.00 INR
Features: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Pearls Finish: 18k Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Minaki Helm Earrings

Helm Earrings

₹ 1,799.00 INR
Features: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish: White Gold Plated Finding: Openable Lock
Minaki Divine Drop Earrings

Divine Drop Earrings

₹ 3,200.00 INR
Features: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Colored Cubic Zirconia Finish: 18k Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Minaki Swivel Earrings

Swivel Earrings

₹ 2,999.00 INR
Features: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Cubic Zirconia Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish: 18k Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Minaki Burnie Hoops-Earrings

Burnie Hoops-Earrings

₹ 2,131.00 INR
Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish:18K Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Kaan-phool - Utsav Cllection

Kaan-phool - Utsav Cllection

₹ 4,800.00 INR
Style: Jhumki Style Stone Setting: Kemp Stones Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Pearls Finish: 22K Gold plated. Finding: Push screw
Minaki Luxury Link Danglers

Luxury Link Danglers

₹ 6,999.00 INR
 Features: Style: Danglers Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earring Drop(s):  Finish: Two-tone, 18k gold plated Finding: Push up
Minaki Eleganza Earrings

Eleganza Earrings

₹ 4,800.00 INR
FEATURES: Style: Danglers Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Colored Zircon Finish: White Gold Plated Finding: Push Back
Minaki Floral Motif Earrings

Floral Motif Earrings

₹ 7,999.00 INR
Features Style: LV Style  Stone Setting: White Enameling Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Floral Motif Finish: 18K Gold plated Finding: Push button
Minaki Multi Color Cocktail Earrings

Multi Color Cocktail Earrings

₹ 6,799.00 INR
Features: Style: Danglers Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s):  Finish: Rhodium Polished  Finding: Push Back
Minaki Solitaire Pearl Drop Earrings

Solitaire Pearl Drop Earrings

₹ 6,760.00 INR
FEATURES: Style: Contemporary Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): _ Finish: White Gold Plated Finding: Push back
Minaki Contemporary Zircon Ear Studs

Contemporary Zircon Ear Studs

₹ 2,460.00 INR
Features: Style: Studs  Stone Setting: Zircon Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): Pearl Finish: Rhodium polished Finding: Push Back

Laxmi Temple Studs

₹ 1,188.00 INR
Features: Style: Temple Earrings Stone Setting: _ Item(s): Earrings Drop(s): _ Finish: 22K Gold plated Finding: Push Back
Gulabi Suryakant Earrings

Gulabi Suryakant Earrings

₹ 2,900.00 INR
The Gulabi Suryakant Earrings are gold tone earrings embellished with ruby color kemp stones and pearls. Each earring is adorned with delicate pink stones, meticulously arranged in cocentric circles ,...

Buy Latest Earrings Online at Minaki 

Minaki's is a living brand that breathes anthology for a majority of jewellery and Indian fashion lovers in India. Although a young brand, that started in 2018, we become a classic name in no time for the audience that prefers experiencing luxury with an expression of grace and understated sophistication. The beautiful venture started with crafting an exquisite piece of jewellery & expanded spreading its wings like a phoenix with connoisseur quality collections like Shahana Kundan and Polki,  Meenakshi, Eleganza, Diamond: The Crystal collection, and now much more as we ventured into men's wear & women's wear. Every set has its unique way of self-expression that employs immaculate precision and irreplicable craftsmanship. Making the fashion jewelry exclusively unique and an antique.

Buy Designer Earrings Online

Earrings have long been cherished as one of the most versatile and beloved accessories in the world of fashion and jewellery. From classic gold stud earrings for women to intricate diamond chandeliers, earrings come in a myriad of styles, each offering its own unique blend of elegance and charm. Let's explore the enchanting world of earrings, from timeless classics to contemporary designs, and discover why they remain a cherished adornment for men and women alike.

Buy Gold Earrings for women: Women gold earrings design

Gold earrings have stood the test of time as symbols of luxury and sophistication. Crafted from the precious metal that has captivated hearts for centuries, simple gold earrings come in a variety of designs, ranging from simple studs to elaborate gold jhumkas and danglers. Whether adorned with intricate filigree work, delicate engravings, or sparkling gemstones, gold earrings design exude a timeless elegance that transcends trends and fads.

Kundan Earrings:

Kundan earrings are intricately crafted Indian jewellery pieces, featuring colorful gemstones set in gold or silver earrings for women using the traditional Kundan technique. Known for their regal appearance and vibrant hues, these earrings are often adorned with pearls and beads, making them perfect for weddings and special occasions.

Temple Earrings:

Temple earrings draw inspiration from ancient Indian temples, showcasing intricate designs reminiscent of temple architecture and motifs. Crafted in gold or silver, these earrings feature divine figurines, flowers, and animal motifs, symbolising spirituality and cultural heritage, making them cherished accessories for weddings and festivals.

Buy Diamond Earrings for Women: Radiance and Brilliance Personified

Diamond earrings hold a special place in the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts, thanks to their unparalleled brilliance and allure. From classic diamond jewellery diamond earring studs that add a touch of glamour to everyday looks to dazzling chandelier earrings that steal the spotlight at special occasions, diamond stud earrings are synonymous with luxury and opulence. The sparkle of diamonds combined with the luster of gold or platinum creates a mesmerizing effect that never fails to captivate.

Pearl Earrings: Timeless Elegance with a Hint of Sophistication

Pearl earrings epitomize classic elegance with their understated beauty and timeless appeal. Whether in the form of dainty studs, elegant drops, or vintage-inspired chandeliers, pearl earrings add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. From luminous white pearls to exotic black Tahitian pearls, each variety offers its own unique charm, making pearl earrings a beloved choice for both formal occasions and everyday wear.

Buy Oxidised earrings

Oxidised earrings are distinctive pieces of jewelry known for their unique, darkened finish achieved through a chemical process called oxidation. Typically crafted from metals like silver or brass, these earrings undergo treatment to deliberately darken the surface, resulting in a rich, antique appearance. Oxidised jhumka often feature intricate designs inspired by traditional motifs or contemporary patterns. Their rustic charm and bold aesthetic make them versatile accessories that can add a touch of edgy elegance to any outfit, from casual to formal. Oxidised earrings are popular choices for those seeking jewelry with a distinctive, vintage-inspired flair.

Earrings are more than just accessories; they are expressions of personal style, individuality, and beauty. Whether adorned with precious gemstones, pearls, or gold and silver earrings, ear studs for women earrings have the power to elevate any outfit and make a statement that is uniquely yours. So, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply adding a touch of sparkle to your everyday look with these western earrings, let your small earrings be a reflection of your unique personality and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Earrings

What earrings to wear with what neckline?

Matching earrings with different necklines can enhance your overall look and create a harmonious balance in your outfit. Here are some suggestions:

1.V-neckline: Opt for drop earrings or dangle earrings that elongate the neckline.Avoid choker-style necklaces, as they may clash with the V-neckline.

2.Round neckline: Statement gold stud earrings for women or small hoops work well with round necklines.Avoid long earrings that may overwhelm the neckline.

3.Square neckline: Choose angular or geometric-shaped earrings to complement the square neckline. Avoid overly round or circular earrings, as they may not match the angularity of the neckline.

4.Off-the-shoulder neckline: Shoulder-grazing earrings or statement chandelier earrings can add drama to the off-the-shoulder neckline. Avoid wearing a necklace that competes with the bare neckline.

5.Sweetheart neckline: Teardrop or heart-shaped earrings can complement the sweetheart neckline. Avoid wearing choker-style necklaces that may disrupt the neckline's shape.

6.Halter neckline: Choose earrings that draw attention to the face, such as small studs earrings for women or ear cuff earrings.Avoid long, dangling earrings that may get tangled with the neckline.

7.Boat neckline: Go for medium-length earrings like hoops or drop earrings that follow the neckline's shape. Avoid overly large or heavy earrings that may overpower the boat neckline.

Remember, personal style and preferences play a significant role in accessorising. Experiment with different combinations to find which fancy earrings suits you best and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Why Us :-

With many successes and groundbreaking branding over  the last four years, Minaki stands tall on the four pillars of fundamentals that are predominantly driving our works and articles, 

  1. a) Authenticity:- Uniqueness and originality bring a sense of individuality to the person carrying the articles.
  2. b) Impeccable Craftsmanship:- Nothing stands without talent and flawless execution. Fostering is our third and essential pillar of the brand.
  3. c) Premium yet economical :- At times we make purchases way above our budget thinking it's for something special and the purchase is not satisfactory at all. Our brand ensures that optimal level of satisfaction for every client. This is why in a very short period we have captured the hearts of the majority of the market as fast as a blink of an eye.

Speaking of the four pillars, the brand has never compromised on quality or variety! Freedom of choice is what we advocate and promote without any uncharacteristic conditions. Choice makes an individual feel independent, empowered, elevated, and proud of self. The values we aim to ingrain within the society through our work and the feelings it stems from each soul that visits us for an experience worthwhile. We are a brand that serves the soul and liberation of minds of the people who seek empowerment, freedom of choice, liberty of thought, and uniqueness that calls for magic that twinkles in the eyes of the one who wears an article from Minaki's. The extravagance we endeavor to create through our work is what we aim to pass on to the individual lives, that desire rich experiences and luxury of balmy peace through artful articles, epitomizing the significance of life.