As an extension of her lifelong love of jewelry designing, Ms. Monika established the brand Minaki. In search of jewelry that fits her style, she thoughtfully created a collection of contemporary everyday jewelry - Eleganza. This collection catered to the upwardly mobile and modern woman. The Eleganza collection is elegant, effortless, easy to manage, and safe to use. It is adored by consumers for its one-of-a-kind design and impeccable craftsmanship.
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Unveiling the story of Minaki’s Debut

“Behind every successful brand lies a story of inspiration and passion.”
So here’s the story behind the start of our brand, Minaki

Minaki’s journey began in 2018 by offering its first collection, Eleganza. Every piece was thoughtfully created to facilitate the go-getter modern women who have arrived in life, confident, and connoisseurs of quality. Elegant and understated personifies Minaki. Our brand’s idea of different jewelry for different occasions led to its foray into shahana kundan and polki, semi-precious stones, and temple jewelry. Today, Minaki is a premium jewelry and apparel brand started in India, serving consumers from different walks of life with understated and timeless designs.

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Minaki: A Jewellery and Apparel Brand Offering Timeless Pieces With Exclusive Craftsmanship

Minaki, a Delhi-based brand, is a complete wardrobe line that provides everything needed to turn any day into a runway day with its extensive collection of apparel and jewellery for both men and women. Whether it's a sassy formal appearance, a sophisticated occasion outfit, or a colourful contemporary style, the brand can satisfy any fashion need. Minaki has gained widespread recognition for providing the best in fashion without compromising quality, resulting in a large number of satisfied customers. Today, the brand is available in various offline and online stores.

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