Minaki’s Foray into Ethnic and Heritage Jewelry

As an extension of her lifelong love of jewelry designing, Ms. Monika established the brand Minaki. In search of jewelry that fits her style, she thoughtfully created a collection of contemporary everyday jewelry - Eleganza. This collection catered to the upwardly mobile and modern woman. The Eleganza collection is elegant, effortless, easy to manage, and safe to use. It is adored by consumers for its one-of-a-kind design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Serving an increasingly diverse group of consumers, we encountered a wide range of cultural and ethnic traditions. Each with its multitude of festivals and occasions - a chance for fashion aficionados to flaunt their style. Ms. Monika realized the potential for high-quality traditional Indian jewelry. She set new benchmarks of quality and craftsmanship in this segment. Minaki created pieces that could fill the gaps in the fashion industry's craftsmanship. 

The brand entered into crafting ethnic and heritage jewelry ranging from contemporary to kundan polki to temple. This collection also included jewelry pieces made of diamond look-alikes and semi-precious stones. Minaki is a one-stop solution for all your jewelry needs. Whether it is a woman’s D-day, weddings, festivals, or black-tie galas, Minaki has a unique piece of jewelry to accessorize your outfits for each occasion.

Our ethnic and heritage jewelry collection showcases Indian culture and legacy. The rich history of India’s artisanship, who have been creating these beautiful pieces for centuries, inspires its designs. The brand prioritizes quality craftsmanship and sources only the best raw materials from around the world after conducting rigorous quality testing. In addition to this, we offer customization options to ensure their customers' satisfaction. Minaki produces a limited collection of pieces ensuring uniqueness and exclusivity.

Minaki has grown into a classic name amongst our audience that once just wished to explore realistic jewelry pieces with an expression of grace and understated sophistication. By incorporating natural beads and stones in our jewelry, we have built a reputation for excellence in the market. Starting on the roads from a retail store, our pieces have reached the in-house stores of Taj Hotels, i.e. Taj Khazana, Pernia’s pop-up store, Jaypore, and AZA fashions to name a few. Our high-quality standards are the key to our success. We take pride in offering products that meet our strict criteria for quality and design. 

"Each piece of ethnic jewelry carries with it the history and traditions of a people, passed down from generation to generation”

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