Unveiling the story of Minaki’s Debut

Unveiling the story of Minaki’s Debut

“Behind every successful brand lies a story of inspiration and passion.”
So here’s the story behind the start of our brand, Minaki

Our Co-founder, Ms. Monika Soni, has been in the finance and investment industry for over 20 years. Her confidence and sense of fashion have been admirable. Corporate power dressing has been her way to go. She believes jewelry has the power to elevate one's appearance. Her way of styling jewelry added grace to corporate outfits. Her friends and coworkers admired her effortless elegance.

Her stance on precious jewelry changed when one of her friends encountered chain snatching in a crowded area, that too, in broad daylight. This incident made her realize that wearing precious jewelry puts you at risk and makes you more vulnerable, especially when it’s around your neck. Jewelry, a critical part of women’s fashion, should be safe to use and elegant. It should make them feel confident and beautiful inside out.

Pearls met these needs. They have been cherished for centuries and were undoubtedly elevating the look. But after a point, they lost their elegance. Because of regular usage, they were no longer exciting and felt repetitive. She needed something distinctive, subtle, and close to real.

In search of the perfect jewelry to fit her style, she started creating a few pieces of jewelry for herself. She experimented with pearls by adding a twist to their classic and fashionable aesthetic. The unconventional designs made her stand out. Her acquaintances and colleagues appreciated the fresh elegance added to the pearls. She was considered one of the best-dressed women in her industry.

She also realized that precious jewelry was always stacked in bank lockers. Eventually, when the time and occasion demanded women to wear their precious jewelry, a special trip to those bank lockers dissuaded women from doing so. She found her spark. Realizing the need for jewelry close to real and stylish, she ventured full-time into creating jewelry. Jewelry that’s elegant, effortless, comfortable, and easy to manage

Minaki’s journey began in 2018 by offering its first collection, Eleganza. Every piece was thoughtfully created to facilitate the go-getter modern women who have arrived in life, confident, and connoisseurs of quality. Elegant and understated personifies Minaki. Our brand’s idea of different jewelry for different occasions led to its foray into shahana kundan and polki, semi-precious stones, and temple jewelry. Today, Minaki is a premium jewelry and apparel brand started in India, serving consumers from different walks of life with understated and timeless designs.

“Jewelry holds the power to change the look and feel of an outfit, stir feelings, and encapsulate the spirit of the occasion. It's all about balancing comfort and elegance, casual and chic.”

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